A Reflection of 2015 & A Vision For 2016

As I reflect back on 2015, I have to say it was the best year of my life so far. This is because I discovered an inner warrior in myself. This inner warrior granted me the strength and courage to get through difficult times, uncertainties, and changed my mindset to appreciate life as a collective endeavour.

The best experiences of 2015 were shaped by the mindset I had adopted, every situation that made me take a step backwards, I gave myself time and courage to take two steps forward. Despite rejections, I never doubted my abilities, my burning passion, and good intentions to make a difference in my community in any way I can. I changed careers, moved to a new country, got closer to my family, accomplished a worthy test score, learned from my mentors, became a mentor to start-ups, received invitations to be on panels and judge competitions, learned how to invest in the market, went to the gym regularly, made new friends, and donated & volunteered for causes close to me.

We don’t share our bad experiences often, making each other feel like we are flawless individuals, but actually – it’s these experiences that help us learn values, the inner mechanics of ourselves, and celebrate the good times.

2015 was FULL of these ‘bad experiences’, I experienced stressful personal issues which would define the next few years of my life, MANY rejections about my ideas, subsequent rejections for my visa which I had no control over, losing friends, challenges of moving to a different country, and feeling lonely at times.

They say time and tide wait for no man, and boy – were these tides unexpected and huge. But I could not be happier today. And while 2016 may bring its peaks and troughs, my inner warrior can only grow stronger and my unwavering passion for giving back to my community can only get more encouraging.

My vision for 2016 encompasses giving back in any way I can, creating more memories with loved-ones, staying fit, and having fun. One of the BEST advice I received in 2015 was: Do whatever you want. The world is your playground, go and have fun – fall down, and pick yourself up again. This is my vision for 2016, chasing my dreams, taking risks, and learning from my experiences.

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Your Story.


Success doesn’t equate to immunity – immunity against humanity, the downside of relationships, unfortunate events, and the feelings we hold.

If you ever experience those days, when you feel like you’re part of the unlucky lottery system and your numbers always seem to match – just remember that your story M A T T E R S. You’re part of a bigger story, and if life was a smooth sail – can you imagine how mundane it would be? A black & white movie with no climax. Sex without passion. Love without jealousy. Or maybe a rollercoaster ride on a flat surface. It may feel like you’re being swallowed by quicksand at the time, but by not giving up – you let your story continue on.

On this amazing journey called life, stay mindful and be grateful for all the beautiful things you’re already blessed with.  If you’ve endured through this saga thus far, the next chapter can only get better.

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On ‘Feeling like a winner’.

  Today I went for a run in a Christmas-state-of-mind with a mental picture of myself running like my super-fit neighbour with chiseled-out calves.  My run, more like a jog, lasted for about 20 minutes until I gave up for absolutely no reason. I hadn’t accomplished what I had set out to ‘achieve’. Though I […]

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Goal Setting Through Anchors

Staying Present while being mindful of the future. I find that Gen Y (this includes myself) is so keen on getting ahead or pursuing entrepreneurial dreams- and sometimes this pace so fast that we forget to enjoy where we are today. Yes, we’re ambitious and hungry to learn & make a difference. At the same time, […]

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The Value of Trust

When I think of leadership, I think of it is as a 2-way relationship between subordinates and a manager that is built on different pillars— one of them being trust. Trust is truly the basis for all positive relationships to grow and develop overtime. This foundation of trust is something that cannot be built in […]

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The Relationship Between Management & Leadership

Leadership and management are two distinctive, complementary systems of action. The two terms are unique and have their own functions and characteristics, however, both are necessary for success and long lasting results. By definition, leaders are in charge of the continual adjustment of direction, whereas managers control assets to achieve that direction. I believe that management […]

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